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Why Sporting Venues Are Great for Functions

As Australians, we absolutely love getting around sports, nation-wide. Whether it be AFL, Rugby, Soccer or cricket, competitive sport is embedded deep within our culture. The overwhelming support these games receive means we are lucky enough to have some of the world’s best sporting facilities and venues.

What most people don’t realise is, these iconic venues are not just for football finals and match days. When the crowds are gone, these world class venues are perfect for other functions and events. For an event planner, these venues are the perfect location for holding a function. Here’s why.

Great Views

99% of the rooms at sport venues will overlook the pitch and stadium. They are made for the perfect view of the game, and even without the action, the view is pretty spectacular. These large windows also make for a perfect naturally well-lit area for a function.

Well Equipped

These Sporting Venues are used to having to provide services for thousands of people at one time. This means regardless of the guest number; the venue will definitely be able to accommodate. The stadiums are well equipped with catering areas, in house audio, visual equipment, bathrooms, kitchen areas and seating.

Variety of Rooms Available

Usually, each sporting facility is decked out with a variety of corporate rooms, conference rooms and private booths. For example, The Brisbane Cricket Ground or “The Gabba” has up to 5 different function accommodations. This means from an Event Management Brisbane standing point, depending on the size of the party, there are options for every group. Such rooms are designed to accommodate larger groups, which could be used for galas and conferences, and some suites will be better suited to smaller, more intimate events.

Transport and Parking

Sporting Venues are typically well linked with public transport and have good parking facilities on site. They have to, to be able to accommodate such large quantities of crowds. For example, the Melbourne Cricket Ground has 2 train stations and is linked to multiple tram stops to make it is easy as possible for people to access. This is a great feature for functions and events, as it means guests won’t have to worry about the stress of getting to the venue.

To get an idea of the size of these stadiums, check out the tour video below.

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