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Top Tech Tips For Event Planners

As Event planners, we are constantly on the go and are always busy. Often, we’re managing several projects at once, and are in constant communication with other people. Back in the day, event planners relied on calendars, task lists and diaries to keep on top of it all. But with so much technology at our disposal, we now have hundreds of apps, websites and tools to choose from!

There are plenty of event planning specific programs you can get your hands on to help you keep organised from the beginning of a project to the end. However, we’ve found solace in multiple tools that aren’t industry specific but are perfect for the stress of an event planner. Here are our favourite tools to help event planners stay on top of their game.


Doodle is an app that keeps tracks of meetings and co ordinating appointments. It’s a way of connecting with multiple people at once and deciphering a time and date that suits everyone invited. All you need to do is create a simple poll of dates and times in Doodle, send it to the people invited and they’ll set the time that suits them best. By the time everyone has responded, you can see the time that best suits for everyone and lock in the meeting!


If you haven’t already been using Trello – you’re missing out! It’s a collaboration tool that creates a white board for everyone on the page. It’s perfect for when you’re juggling several projects at once, as you can have multiple boards separated with sticky notes on your most prioritised tasks. Trello allows you to add images, due dates, notes, and check lists that you can have your entire Event Management Adelaide team on board with, for each event and project.

Top Table Planner

Top Table Planner is an app that gives you a space to easily create a floor and seating plan. It arranges the seating plans and allows you to play around with the arrangements of guests until it’s perfect. Seating plans can be very time consuming and stressful; this app is perfect for nailing it in one go!

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