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Throwing an Unforgettable Christmas Party

As the end of the year draws nearer, so does the festive season. Often this means at least a couple of weeks holiday for employees to spend with their families and friends. But before the big break, there’s one more thing to do – organise the work Christmas function.

If you’ve been left to sort out the work Christmas party, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It can be tough trying to find a balance between business and pleasure and wondering what your colleagues might enjoy. Sometimes the stress and anxiety of organising a work Christmas party can take away from the Christmas spirit.

Perhaps the last few years have conjured up some sad excuses for parties and your looking to step it up a notch this year. Or as an employer, you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for your employees. Whatever it may be, we’ve got some great tips that we guarantee will help you create an unforgettable Christmas party this year.

  • Make the first impression a good one

Work Christmas parties have a bad reputation for being lame and boring. The best way to make your Christmas party a night to remember is to put some work into the first things your guests will experience. Aim for the “wow” factor that will keep them talking about it for weeks. Our top tip? Hire some staff or event helpers to serve complimentary cocktails to each guest that arrives.

  • Entertainment

Keep the guests occupied with some party entertainment. This will cease any out-of-work awkwardness between colleagues and give them something other than work to talk about. Hiring entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive either, whether it’s a DJ, magician, company trivia game or show – there’s something for every company budget.

  • Cater the party

Hot tip – don’t ask colleagues to bring a platter or food to share to the party. Have the party catered by a local small business. Often you can find local companies that will cater for small or large businesses and this will take the pressure off the guests and allow them to enjoy a nice party without worrying about food other's might like.

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